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Equine Art Work

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Iím pleased to present my extremely talented friend, June Oster,  and her original art. Also available are signed recreations of art fused on wood (tablets come with wall hooks).

June grew up in Argentina surrounded by royalty, horses and a vast array of European art. They often entertained dignitaries from around the world.

Her father was a successful cattle rancher and Thoroughbred polo pony breeder. Her mother, originally from Spain, managed over 100 ranch hands and traveled to and from Europe extensively. June, even at the young age of nine, could handle the harness horses and assist with the development of their racehorses.

June studied at the Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires and later in Panama working with micro mosaics. June moved to California in the early 1980ís.

She brings her passion for the horse to life in her fabulous work.

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