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In the early 1960ís I know I had the prettiest jet black horse in the world. My mare and I would gallop along the shores of Lake Washington, ride in lush trails, over acres of green pasture, strut our stuff in local gymkhanas and parades. I couldnít wait to see her and talk to her about my 11 year old problems. She was my life ~ my friend. I didnít know at the time but she had empowered me.

But in the late 60ís life changed and I had to go away and begin my career. I flew off to airline school, now owning a different kind of horse, a 1967 Mustang. Later with modeling, long hours at the airport and motherhood ...horses had rapidly been replaced.

It would be thirty years later and a move from Phoenixthat would direct me to a poster tacked on Acton Marketís bulletin board. Adorable Twin Paints For was a jet black fillyÖUh oh. Okay so I made the call, drove to Sacred Dog Ranch and saw five newbeautiful foals born a few months earlier. As I stood in the corral sure enough the little black filly inched forward , put her head in my arms and chose me ~ and I thank her every day. Then came Stormy and blessed me twice.

If youíre a horse owner youíre probably smiling andthinking of your equine friend and how much pleasure and love youíve received, too. Enjoy the website, the legacy of Native Dancer and thanks for letting me share with you my special black beauties. ~ Lin

Welcome to Native Sky Ranch!
Enjoy the horses' history , the ranch products with Sky and Stormy's logo and the Native Dancer legacy.
~ Lin



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