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Native Dancer Lives On

I became fascinated with Native Dancer and his lineage in 1999 when I bought one of the healthy twin babies born here in Acton to retired racehorse, Miss Fancy Fols. (Bay Meadows 1990 ) Her twin daughter and star of this website Ms Native Sky Dancer, a registered all black Paint will pass on the strength and power through future foals.

I had owned horses in my youth and with an overly obsessive childhood fantasy, I really believed I was going to be the next National Velvet star, own Black Beauty, and change my stick horse into a breathing reality. I even wrote and submitted a manuscript called Lucky Boy 7, about an unbeatable racehorse that awed the world. Later, my mom and dad bought a black Thoroughbred/Morgan who made my dreams come true.

Native Dancer is legendary, winning 21 races of 22 starts -- losing the 1953 Kentucky Derby, but winning the Preakness and Belmont that followed. He had a faster pace than Man O War and a shocking winning track record of any horse until Secretariat’s fame. His sons and daughters rule the race track even today. If you study the lineage of the Kentucky Derby/Triple Crown racehorses you will find the amazing sires Raise A Native, Heisanative, Northern Dancer, Mr. Prospector, Unbridled and numerous others...all trace back to the Gray Ghost. You can read more in Eva Jolene Boyd’s, Native Dancer and study the history of the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to contact the former owners of the 1970’s Ruidoso wonder horse, Fols Native. This handsome horse from Colorado’s Wright Ranch was absolutely incredible. He has, as you will see within these pages, a definite influence in my two black beauties. His muscular, powerful body especially shines through in granddaughter, Native Sky. Native Storm, too, has a stunning resemblance to Fols with a dash of his great granddaddy, Raise a Native. Sadly, Fols Native died in 1987, the year Miss Fancy Fols was born. Fancy has warmly refreshed my childhood dreams giving me Sky and Stormy and the opportunity to be alive with the wonder of my majestic equine friends.

I Hope you enjoy the website ~Lin

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